Lights and darks of a picture. The life of Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, “il Guercino” – the squinter

  title={Lights and darks of a picture. The life of Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, “il Guercino” – the squinter},
  author={Sibylle Katharina Scholtz and Lee MacMorris and Frank Krogmann and Gerd Uwe Auffarth},
  pages={39 - 42}
ABSTRACT Purpose: To be cross-eyed is a wide-spread dysfunction of the eye and squinting is currently regarded as unattractive. However, in ancient times, societies saw squinting as a sign of piety or even beauty. Even Venus was depicted heterophoric quite often. The most famous artist who was cross-eyed was Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (*08.02.1591; †22.12.1666, both Italy). His nickname was “Il Guercino” which means “the squinter.” This article reflects on vision and art from the perspective… 


Guercino: Mind to Paper
Called the "Rembrandt of the South", Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as Guercino (1591-1666) was one of the most versatile and accomplished draughtsmen of the 17th century. His drawings are among
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A study of the changes in the style of Guercino and of related 17th century Italian painters.
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