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Lighting up topological insulators: large surface photocurrents from magnetic superlattices

  title={Lighting up topological insulators: large surface photocurrents from magnetic superlattices},
  author={N. Lindner and A. Farrell and Eran Lustig and G. Refael and F. Oppen},
  journal={arXiv: Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics},
The gapless surface states of topological insulators (TI) can potentially be used to detect and harvest low-frequency infrared light. Nonetheless, it was shown that significant surface photocurrents due to light with frequency below the bulk gap are rather hard to produce. Here we demonstrate that a periodic magnetic pattern added to the surface dramatically enhances surface photocurrents in TI's. Moreover, the sensitivity of this set-up to the wavelength of the incident light can be optimized… Expand
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