Light on the Dark Continent: The Photography of Alice Seely Harris and the Congo Atrocities of the Early Twentieth Century

  title={Light on the Dark Continent: The Photography of Alice Seely Harris and the Congo Atrocities of the Early Twentieth Century},
  author={Taylor James Thompson},
  journal={International Bulletin of Mission Research},
  pages={146 - 149}
  • T. Thompson
  • Published 1 October 2002
  • Sociology
  • International Bulletin of Mission Research
I n 1905Mark Twain published King Leopold's Soliloquy, an imaginary rumination by the Bel­ gian king on the troubles caused him by those campaigning against his administration in the Congo Free State. Part of Leopold's fictional meditation is on the difficulties caused him by the evid ence of the camera.Twain has him lament: "The ' Kodak has been a sore calamity to us. The most pow erful enemy that has confronted us. . . . The only witness I have encountered in my long career that I couldn't… 
The Unbribable Witness: Image, Word, and Testimony of Crimes against Humanity in Mark Twain’s King Leopold’s Soliloquy (1905)
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    Genocide Studies and Prevention
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In the creation of King Leopold’s Soliloquy, a textured, visually irrefutable, and darkly satirical account of crimes against humanity in the Belgian Congo Free State, Mark Twain aimed to evoke his
Snap of the Whip/Crossroads of Shame: Flogging, Photography, and the Representation of Atrocity in the Congo Reform Campaign
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Alice Seeley Harris, the Atrocity Rhetoric of the Congo Reform Movements, and the Demise of King Léopold's Congo Free State
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Beyond the 'imperial mystique' : empire and national identity in the Portuguese Estado Novo (c. 1930-1951)
Whilst being a period of consolidation for the Portuguese right-wing dictatorship known as Estado Novo, the 1930s and 1940s were marked by geopolitical change and major redefinition of mental maps
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Regarding Aid: The photographic situation of humanitarianism
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