Light neutralino dark matter with a very light Higgs boson for CoGeNT and DAMA/LIBRA data

  title={Light neutralino dark matter with a very light Higgs boson for CoGeNT and DAMA/LIBRA data},
  author={Kyu Jung Bae and Hyung Do Kim and Seodong Shin},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Recently, the CoGeNT collaboration reported weakly interacting massive particle candidate-signal events exceeding the known backgrounds where the light WIMP with large cross section is supported. Motivated by this issue, we analyze a light neutralino dark matter scenario with a very light CP-even Higgs mediation in the elastic scattering process, which provides the mass and direct detection cross section to explain the CoGeNT result. To be compatible with the result of LEP experiments, the… Expand

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