Light-like κ-deformations and scalar field theory via Drinfeld twist

  title={Light-like $\kappa$-deformations and scalar field theory via Drinfeld twist},
  author={Tajron Juri'c and Stjepan Meljanac and Andjelo Samsarov},
  journal={Journal of Physics: Conference Series},
In this article we will use the Drinfeld twist leading to light-like κ-deformations of Poincaré algebra. We shall apply the standard Hopf algebra methods in order to define the star-product, which shall be used to formulate a scalar field theory compatible with κ-Poincaré-Hopf algebra. Using this approach we show that there is no problem with formulating integration on κ-Minkowski space and no need for introducing a new measure. We have shown that the ★-product obtained from this twist enables… 

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