Light-front vacuum

  title={Light-front vacuum},
  author={Mark Herrmann and W. N. Polyzou},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Background: The vacuum in the light-front representation of quantum field theory is trivial while vacuum in the equivalent canonical representation of the same theory is non-trivial. Purpose: Understand the relation between the vacuum in light-front and canonical representations of quantum field theory and the role of zero-modes in this relation. Method: Vacuua are defined as linear functionals on an algebra of field operators. The role of the algebra in the definition of the vacuum is… 

Wavelet representation of light-front quantum field theory

A formally exact discrete multi-resolution representation of quantum field theory on a light front is presented. The formulation uses an orthonormal basis of compactly supported wavelets to expand

Lightcone effective Hamiltonians and RG flows

A bstractWe present a prescription for an effective lightcone (LC) Hamiltonian that includes the effects of zero modes, focusing on the case of Conformal Field Theories (CFTs) deformed by relevant

Nonperturbative matching between equal-time and lightcone quantization

Abstract We investigate the nonperturbative relation between lightcone (LC) and standard equal-time (ET) quantization in the context of λϕ4 theory in d = 2. We discuss the perturbative matching

Alternate Light Front Quantization Procedure for Scalar Fields

The novel procedure for the light-front (LF) quantization is formulated and applied for models of free scalar fields. The expected well-known results are rediscovered for a single field and new

The Light-Front Vacuum

We discuss the relation between the trivial light-front vacuum and the non-trivial Heisenberg vacuum.



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