Light-front-quantized QCD in Covariant Gauge

  title={Light-front-quantized QCD in Covariant Gauge},
  author={Prem Prakash Srivastava},
The light-front (LF) canonical quantization of quantum chromodynamics in covariant gauge is discussed. The Dirac procedure is used to eliminate the constraints in the gauge-fixed front form theory quantum action and to construct the LF Hamiltonian formulation. The physical degrees of freedom emerge naturally. The propagator of the dynamical {psi}{sub +} part of the free fermionic propagator in the LF quantized field theory is shown to be causal and not to contain instantaneous terms. Since the… 
Canonical formulation of light-front gluodynamics and quantization of non-Abelian plane waves
Without gauge fixing, canonical variables for the light-front SU(2) gluodynamics are determined. The Gauss law is written in terms of the canonical variables. The system is qualified as a generalized
Light-front Quantized Field Theory: Some New Results
A review is made on some recent studies which support the point of view that the relativistic field theory quantized on the light-front (LF) is more transparent compared to the conventional
Hamiltonian, path integral and BRST formulations of large $$N$$N scalar QCD$$_{2}$$2 on the light-front and spontaneous symmetry breaking
Recently Grinstein, Jora, and Polosa have studied a theory of large-$$N$$N scalar quantum chromodynamics in one space and one time dimension. This theory admits a Bethe–Salpeter equation describing