Light-dependence in scleractinian distribution in the sublittoral zone of South China Sea Islands

  title={Light-dependence in scleractinian distribution in the sublittoral zone of South China Sea Islands},
  author={Eduard A. Titlyanov and Yu. Ya. Latypov},
  journal={Coral Reefs},
The distribution of 64 reef-building scleractinian species was studied in turbid waters of the South China Sea. The depth limit of scleractinian distribution in the Gulf of Siam is 18–20 m with 8–2% of incident surface irradiance, which is close to the lower light limit of most corals containing zooxanthellae. Forty percent of the scleractinian species studied inhabit the entire depth range with 70–30% of incident surface irradiance. No specific “grotto” species were identified even in sites of… CONTINUE READING

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