Light-cone representation of the quark Schwinger-Dyson equation

  • L. S. Kisslinger, O. Linsuáın


For a microscopic QCD description of hadrons and hadronic matter one needs the fully dressed nonperturbative quark and gluon propagators, for which the Schwinger-Dyson formalism is a natural approach. A full study of QCD, however, requires investigation of hadronic properties at all momentum transfers. Since instant form of field theory is difficult to use for composite states at medium or high momentum, a light-cone representation is desirable [1]. In the present paper we develop a light-cone formulation of the Schwinger-Dyson equation for the quark propagator for use in developing hadronic light-cone Bethe-Salpeter amplitudes as well as providing new aspects of the quark propagator, which we discuss below.

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