Light-cone modular bootstrap and pure gravity

  title={Light-cone modular bootstrap and pure gravity},
  author={Nathan Benjamin and Hirosi Ooguri and Shu-Heng Shao and Y. Wang},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We explore the large spin spectrum in two-dimensional conformal field theories with a finite twist gap, using the modular bootstrap in the light-cone limit. By recursively solving the modular crossing equations associated with different PSL(2,Z) elements, we identify the universal contribution to the density of large spin states from the vacuum in the dual channel. Our result takes the form of a sum over PSL(2,Z) elements, whose leading term generalizes the usual Cardy formula to a wider regime… 

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Chiral modular bootstrap

  • M. Ashrafi
  • Physics
    International Journal of Modern Physics A
  • 2019
Using modular bootstrap we show the lightest primary fields of a unitary compact two-dimensional conformal field theory (with [Formula: see text], [Formula: see text]) has a conformal weight

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Entanglement entropy, OTOC and bootstrap in 2D CFTs from Regge and light cone limits of multi-point conformal block

The structures of light cone and Regge limit singularities of n-point Virasoro conformal blocks in c > 1 two-dimensional conformal field theories with no chiral primaries are explored using fusion matrix approach, which shows that Renyi entropy grows logarithmically at late time, for any c and any conformal dimensions of excited primary.

AdS3 black holes and a stringy exclusion principle

The duality relating near-horizon microstates of black holes obtained as orbifolds of a subset of AdS3 to the states of a conformal field theory is analyzed in detail. The SL(2,R)L?SL(2,R)R invariant