Light-chain multiple myeloma in a cat.

  title={Light-chain multiple myeloma in a cat.},
  author={O. Yamada and Kyoichi Tamura and Hiroko Yagihara and Mayu Isotani and Mari Azakami and Satoko Sawada and Kenichiro Ono and Tsukimi Washizu and M Bonkobara},
  journal={Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc},
  volume={19 4},
A diagnosis of light-chain multiple myeloma was made in an 11-year-old male American Shorthair cat. The cat showed atypical plasma cell infiltration in the bone marrow, biclonal gammopathy caused by polymerization of myeloma protein (M-protein), and Bence-Jones proteinuria. The M-protein in the serum of the cat was analyzed by using 12% sodium dodeyl sulfate (SDS) polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis with Coomassie brilliant blue staining. An intense band with a size of 27 kDa, the size of the… CONTINUE READING