Light and Life

  title={Light and Life},
  author={Niels Henrik David Bohr},
THIS revision of the foundations of mechanics, A extending to the very question of what may be meant by a physical explanation, has not only been essential, however, for the elucidation of the situation in atomic theory, but has also created a new background for the discussion of the relation of physics to the problems of biology. This must certainly not be taken to mean that in actual atomic phenomena we meet with features which show a closer resemblance to the properties of living organisms… Expand
It Is Possible to Reduce Biological Explanations to Explanations in Chemistry and/or Physics
Despite all the dramatic successes we have witnessed in recent years in unraveling the physics and chemistry behind biological phenomena, we still have a very long way to go. The most fundamentalExpand
Quanta of Life: Atomic Physics and the Reincarnation of Phage
I will use the history of phage to focus on the issue of biological explanations; on the relationship between biology and physics; and on the historical problem of the disci plinary autonomy ofExpand
The origins of quantum biology
It is argued that some of the insights provided by these pioneering physicists remain relevant to the authors' understanding of quantum biology today. Expand
Biological Extension of the Action Principle: Endpoint Determination Beyond the Quantum Level and the Ultimate Physical Roots of Consciousness
With the explosive growth of biology, biological data accumulate in an increasing rate. At present, theoretical biology does not have its fundamental principles that could offer biological insight.Expand
The role of quantum theory in biology
The computation of the properties of biological molecules has long been the most visible part of “quantum biology”. However, there is good reason to believe that these data cannot, by themselves,Expand
Self-Organizing Systems
This chapter describes the efforts of cosmologists (and nature?) to form galactic and stellar structures, comments on them from the viewpoint of the homeokinetic principles, and pursues some parallels in the origin of life. Expand
The Fundamental Biological Activity of the Universe
If everything is in permanent change, can the Universe itself be fundamentally passive? Answering this question requires a clear concept of ‘activity.’ The nature of ‘action’ is a central andExpand
Niels Bohr’s Argument for the Irreducibility of Biology to Physics
Even in his youth, Bohr was familiar with those difficult and controversial questions surrounding the relationship of the phenomena of life to those of inanimate nature, or in other words, theExpand
The problem of what exists
Popular multiverse models such as the one based on the string theory landscape require an underlying set of unexplained laws containing many specific features and highly restrictive prerequisites. IExpand
What are the phenomena of physics?
Newtons’ account of the phenomena and Bohr’s view of quantum phenomena, their relation to the philosophical discussion, and to data and evidence in current particle physics and quantum optics are discussed. Expand