Light and Life

  title={Light and Life},
  author={Niels Henrik David Bohr},
THIS revision of the foundations of mechanics, A extending to the very question of what may be meant by a physical explanation, has not only been essential, however, for the elucidation of the situation in atomic theory, but has also created a new background for the discussion of the relation of physics to the problems of biology. This must certainly not be taken to mean that in actual atomic phenomena we meet with features which show a closer resemblance to the properties of living organisms… 

It Is Possible to Reduce Biological Explanations to Explanations in Chemistry and/or Physics

Despite all the dramatic successes we have witnessed in recent years in unraveling the physics and chemistry behind biological phenomena, we still have a very long way to go. The most fundamental

Quanta of Life: Atomic Physics and the Reincarnation of Phage

I will use the history of phage to focus on the issue of biological explanations; on the relationship between biology and physics; and on the historical problem of the disci plinary autonomy of

The role of quantum theory in biology

It is pointed out that the quantum theory itself allows many modes of analysis which are distinct from those employed in quantum chemistry, and that these other modes are in fact implicated in basic biological interactions.

The Fundamental Biological Activity of the Universe

If everything is in permanent change, can the Universe itself be fundamentally passive? Answering this question requires a clear concept of ‘activity.’ The nature of ‘action’ is a central and

Niels Bohr’s Argument for the Irreducibility of Biology to Physics

Even in his youth, Bohr was familiar with those difficult and controversial questions surrounding the relationship of the phenomena of life to those of inanimate nature, or in other words, the

The philosophical basis of the Arrangement Field Theory (AFT)

The Theory of the Arrangement Field of the space-time points is briefly exposed and its basic philosophical background is outlined. The Arrangement Field Theory has been proposed in 2012 by Diego

Epistemology and heuristics in neural network research

The most disturbing feature of the Selverston paper is its pessimistic tone and its final leap into nihilism, which is nevertheless especially distressing when an experimentalist such as SelverSTON embraces nihilism.

Bohr’s quantum postulate and time in quantum mechanics

In this paper I shall consider the concept of time used in the quantum theory from the perspective of Bohr’s ideas as presented in what he called the quantum postulate and some of its consequences.

Recent science and its exploration: the case of molecular biology.

  • H. Rheinberger
  • Materials Science
    Studies in history and philosophy of biological and biomedical sciences
  • 2009

Probing quantum features of photosynthetic organisms

Recent experiments have demonstrated strong coupling between living bacteria and light. Here we propose a scheme capable of revealing non-classical features of the bacteria (quantum discord of