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Light Sterile Neutrinos and a High-Quality Axion from a Holographic Peccei-Quinn Mechanism

  title={Light Sterile Neutrinos and a High-Quality Axion from a Holographic Peccei-Quinn Mechanism},
  author={Peter Cox and Tony Gherghetta and Minh D. Nguyen},
We present a 5D axion-neutrino model that explains the Standard Model fermion mass hierarchy and flavor structure, while simultaneously generating a high-quality axion. The axion and righthanded neutrinos transform under a 5D Peccei-Quinn gauge symmetry, and have highly suppressed profiles on the UV brane where the symmetry is explicitly broken. This setup allows neutrinos to be either Dirac, or Majorana with hierarchically small sterile neutrino masses. The axion decay constant originates from… Expand

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