Light-Shift-Free and Dead-Zone-Free Atomic-Orientation-Based Scalar Magnetometry Using a Single Amplitude-Modulated Beam

  title={Light-Shift-Free and Dead-Zone-Free Atomic-Orientation-Based Scalar Magnetometry Using a Single Amplitude-Modulated Beam},
  author={Qianqian Yu and Siqi Liu and Chunqi Yuan and Dong Sheng},
  journal={Physical Review Applied},
Detection dead zones and heading errors induced by light shifts are two important problems in optically pumped scalar magnetometry. We introduce an atomic orientation based single-beam magnetometry scheme to simultaneously solve these problems, using a polarization-reversing and path-bending Herriott cavity. Here, a reflection mirror is inserted into the cavity to bend the optical paths in the middle, and divide them into two separated orthogonal regions to avoid the detection dead zone… 

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  • Rev. A 80, 013416
  • 2009