Light Predicate Raising *

  title={Light Predicate Raising *},
  author={Richard Larson},
Following Ross (1967/86) many linguists have assumed that sentence pairs like (1)-(4) are related by a rule of "Heavy NP Shift": (1) a. Mary gave everything that he demanded to John. b. Mary gave to John everything that he demanded. (2) a. Max put all the boxes of home furnishings in his car. b. Max put in his car all the boxes of home furnishings. (3) a. I would consider anyone who leaves his doors unlocked foolish. b. I would consider foolish anyone who leaves his doors unlocked. (4) a. You… 
Too Heavy to Move : an analysis of heavy noun phrase shift and related
Heavy noun phrase shift refers to the phenomenon where a “heavy” noun phrase (NP) is displaced to the right of its canonical position. In English, heavy NP shift most commonly refers to the object
There and Back Again: A Semantic Analysis
A cross-linguistic survey of the interpretations that decomposition adverbs like again permit and it is argued that in these languages the PP can function as a result phrase.
A uniform syntax for phrasal movement : a case study of Dinka Bor
This dissertation develops the hypothesis that all instances of phrasal movement are the result of Agree and Merge, and that the existence of different types of movement derives solely from variation in the properties of the feature involved in the Agree relation.
Existentials as Existentials : On Topic-Comment Structure in Existential Sentences
The common view in the literature is that the post-verbal NP of an existential construction cannot be interpreted as the topic of its sentence, where the term “sentence topic” is construed as an
1 AP Adjacency as a Precedence Constraint
Attributive APs precede certain other categories (PPs, genitive DPs, and so on), when the noun precedes both (Giurgea 2009, Adger 2012). This observation may suggest an analysis in terms of
A nominal shell analysis of restrictive relative clause constructions in Afrikaans
The main finding of the study is that the approach just outlined can provide an adequate account of the relevant facts of restrictive relative clause constructions in Afrikaans, without requiring any theoretical assumptions and devices that are either completely new or incompatible with those provided within the broad minimalist framework.
Ascending and Descending VPs in English
Abstract We argue that English allows both rightward-descending VP shell structures and more traditional rightward-ascending VPs. The choice between these depends on case theory and economy. Case
Cyclic Linearization and its interaction with other aspects of grammar: a reply
This work attempted to identify certain deviant configurations that are not plausibly excluded for syntax-internal reasons, but are filtered out in the linearization process.
Gapping, pseudogapping and sideward movement
.  English Pseudogapping constructions share some surface similarities with both Gapping and Verb Phrase Ellipsis (VPE). Levin (1978, 1979 [main text]) concludes, however, that Pseudogapping is
Innate constraints on language variation: Evidence from child language
Within the Principles and Parameters approach to Universal Grammar (Chomsky 1981), language acquisition is assumed to be the process of setting the values of parameters, which are conceived of as


From Old French to the theory of pro-drop
ConclusionThe pattern of pro-drop found in OF suggested a revision in the theory of pro-drop. The theory proposed removes the phenomenon from the set of universal parameters and argues for the
The ECP and government in Chamorro
This paper supports the idea that Kayne's ECP can be extended to deal with the lack of object-subject asymmetries in the extraction pattern of Chamorro, a VSO language by appealing to a difference between configurational and nonconfigurational tree structure that is unlikely to be reflected at LF.
Issues in Italian Syntax
The architecture of the human language faculty has been one of the main foci of the linguistic research of the last half century and the topics range from phonology to semantics, from syntax to information structure, from mathematical linguistics to studies of the lexicon.
Aspects of the Theory of Syntax
Methodological preliminaries of generative grammars as theories of linguistic competence; theory of performance; organization of a generative grammar; justification of grammar; descriptive and explanatory theories; evaluation procedures; linguistic theory and language learning.
The Passive: A Contrastive Linguistic Analysis
Aspects of Warlpiri morphology and syntax
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, 1983.
Syntactic Domains for Semantic Rules
My concern in this paper is to characterize certain systematic ways in which the semantic interpretation of English sentences is constrained by the syntactic properties of the surface forms of such
Parameters and effects of word order variation
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, 1984.
Null and displaced subjects
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, 1987.
Welsh syntax and VSO structure
L'auteur defend l'idee que les langues VSO, comme le gallois, ont une structure de base SVO et que l'ordre VSO est obtenu par moyen d'une regle de montee du verbe. Discussion sur les implications