Light-Driven Heterogeneous Reduction of Carbon Dioxide: Photocatalysts and Photoelectrodes.

  title={Light-Driven Heterogeneous Reduction of Carbon Dioxide: Photocatalysts and Photoelectrodes.},
  author={James L White and Maor F Baruch and James E Pander and Yuan Hu and Ivy C Fortmeyer and James Eujin Park and Tao Zhang and K. T. Liao and Jing Gu and Yong De Yan and Travis W Shaw and Esta Abelev and Andrew B. Bocarsly},
  journal={Chemical reviews},
  volume={115 23},
Photocatalysts and Photoelectrodes James L. White,† Maor F. Baruch,† James E. Pander III,† Yuan Hu,† Ivy C. Fortmeyer,† James Eujin Park,† Tao Zhang,† Kuo Liao,† Jing Gu,‡ Yong Yan,‡ Travis W. Shaw,† Esta Abelev,† and Andrew B. Bocarsly*,† †Department of Chemistry, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08544, United States ‡Chemical and Materials Science Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado 80401, United States 

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