Lifting D-Instanton Zero Modes by Recombination and Background Fluxes

  title={Lifting D-Instanton Zero Modes by Recombination and Background Fluxes},
  author={Ralph Blumenhagen and Mirjam Cveti{\vc} and Robert Richter and Timo Weigand},
We study the conditions under which D-brane instantons in Type II orientifold compactifications generate a non-perturbative superpotential. If the instanton is non-invariant under the orientifold action, it carries four instead of the two Goldstone fermions required for superpotential contributions. Unless these are lifted, the instanton can at best generate higher fermionic F-terms of Beasley-Witten type. We analyse two strategies to lift the additional zero modes. First we discuss the process… CONTINUE READING
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