Lifshitz holography with isotropic scale invariance

  title={Lifshitz holography with isotropic scale invariance},
  author={M. Gary and Daniel Grumiller and Stefan Prohazka and S. J. Rey},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractIs it possible for an anisotropic Lifshitz critical point to actually exhibit isotropic conformal invariance? We answer this question in the affirmative by constructing a concrete holographic realization. We study three-dimensional spin-3 higher-spin gauge theory with a z = 2 Lifshitz ground state with non-trivial spin-3 background. We provide consistent boundary conditions and determine the associated asymptotic symmetry algebra. Surprisingly, we find that the algebra consists of two… 

Wilson Lines and Holographic Entanglement Entropy in Galilean Conformal Field Theories

In this paper we present in more detail a construction using Wilson lines and the corresponding dual Galilean conformal field theory calculations for analytically determining holographic entanglement

Null warped AdS in higher spin gravity

A bstractWe equip three-dimensional spin-3 gravity in the principal embedding with a new set of boundary conditions that we call “asymptotically null warped AdS”. We find a chiral copy of the

Holographic Weyl Anomaly Matching & Black Holes in 3D Higher Spin Theories

This thesis consists of two parts. The first part addresses the issue of conformal anomaly matching from the holographic perspective and is reported in chapter 2. The second part aims to the study of

Chern-Simons Holography: Boundary Conditions, Contractions and Double Extensions for a Journey Beyond Anti-de Sitter

In this thesis Chern-Simons theories based on Lie algebras with invariant metric are constructed. It is discussed how contractions lead systematically to (higher spin) kinematical algebras of, e.g.,

Three-dimensional spin-3 theories based on general kinematical algebras

A bstractWe initiate the study of non- and ultra-relativistic higher spin theories. For sake of simplicity we focus on the spin-3 case in three dimensions. We classify all kinematical algebras that

How General Is Holography

In this thesis I explore the generality of the holographic principle in 2+1 (bulk) dimensions by looking at the possibility of having holographic correspondences for non-AdS (higher-spin) spacetimes.

Higher spin holography with Galilean symmetry in general dimensions

We construct Schrödinger-like solutions of the Vasiliev higher spin theory in D > 3 dimension. Symmetries of such solutions and the linearized equation of motion for the scalar on such backgrounds

Higher spin black holes with soft hair

A bstractWe construct a new set of boundary conditions for higher spin gravity, inspired by a recent “soft Heisenberg hair”-proposal for General Relativity on three-dimensional Anti-de Sitter space.

Asymptotic symmetries of colored gravity in three dimensions

A bstractThree-dimensional colored gravity refers to nonabelian isospin extension of Einstein gravity. We investigate the asymptotic symmetry algebra of the SU(N)-colored gravity in (2+1)-dimensional

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A bstractThe gauge sector of three-dimensional higher spin gravities can be formulated as a Chern-Simons theory. In this context, a higher spin black hole corresponds to a flat connection with



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We consider holography for d-dimensional scale invariant but non-Lorentz invariant field theories, which do not admit the full Schrodinger symmetry group. We find new realizations of the

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A bstractWe present the general algorithm to establish the classical and quantum asymptotic symmetry algebra for non-AdS higher spin gravity and implement it for the specific example of spin-3

Observables and microscopic entropy of higher spin black holes

A bstractIn the context of recently proposed holographic dualities between higher spin theories in AdS3 and (1 + 1)-dimensional CFTs with $ \mathcal{W} $ symmetry algebras, we revisit the definition

Gravity Duals of Lifshitz-Like Fixed Points

We find candidate macroscopic gravity duals for scale-invariant but non-Lorentz invariant fixed points, which do not have particle number as a conserved quantity. We compute two-point correlation

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We discuss the asymptotic symmetry algebra of the Schrodinger -invariant metrics in d+3 dimensions and its realization on finite temperature solutions of gravity coupled to matter fields. These

Lifshitz black holes in higher spin gravity

A bstractWe study asymptotically Lifshitz solutions to three dimensional higher spin gravity in the SL(3, $ \mathbb{R} $) × SL(3, $ \mathbb{R} $) Chern-Simons formulation. We begin by specifying the

Lifshitz gravity for Lifshitz holography.

We argue that Hořava-Lifshitz (HL) gravity provides the minimal holographic dual for Lifshitz-type field theories with anisotropic scaling and a dynamical exponent z. First we show that Lifshitz

Spacetime geometry in higher spin gravity

Higher spin gravity is an interesting toy model of stringy geometry. Particularly intriguing is the presence of higher spin gauge transformations that redefine notions of invariance in gravity: the

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We consider three-dimensional conformal field theories that have a higher spin symmetry that is slightly broken. The theories have a large-N limit in the sense that the operators separate into single

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We discuss the emergence of $ \mathcal{W} \mbox{-algebras}$ as asymptotic symmetries of higher-spin gauge theories coupled to three-dimensional Einstein gravity with a negative cosmological constant.