Lifetimes of Charmed Particles Produced in a 20-{GeV} $\gamma p$ Experiment

  title={Lifetimes of Charmed Particles Produced in a 20-\{GeV\} \$\gamma p\$ Experiment},
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Eleven neutral and nine charged decays of charmed particles have been observed in a sample of 205 000 hadronic interactions in a 1.2-million-picture exposure of the SLAC Hybrid Facility bubble chamber to a 20-GeV/c backward-scattered laser beam. The charged and neutral lifetimes were determined to be 8.2/sup +4.5//sub -2.5/ x 10/sup -13/ and 6.7/sup +3.5//sub -2.0/ x 10/sup -13/ sec, respectively, with a ratio of 1.2/sup +0.9//sub -0.5/.