Lifestyle Segmentation

  title={Lifestyle Segmentation},
  author={Patrick Vyncke},
  journal={European Journal of Communication},
  pages={445 - 463}
  • P. Vyncke
  • Published 1 December 2002
  • Business
  • European Journal of Communication
Nowhere in the field of mass communication research has the concept of `lifestyle' been so prominently and fruitfully used as in the field of marketing communication, where it has been shown that lifestyles influence both consumption patterns and the processing of different forms of marketing communication. Therefore, the lifestyle concept has become the core of a special kind of segmentation research called `psychographics'. This psychographic or lifestyle research usually takes as its point… 

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Lifestyle, referring to individuals’ patterns of living, includes numerous dimensions such as people’s interests, opinions, and activities (Vyncke, 2002). Over time, lifestyle has received increasing


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Inhelder, Barbel, and Piaget, Jean (1958), The Growth of Logical Thinking from Childhood to Adolescence, New York: Basic Books. Karplus, Robert, Karplus, Elizabeth, and Wollman, Warren (1974),

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