Lifelong learning through digital storytelling in corporate training Aprendizaje permanente basado en el uso de las historias digitales en la formación empresarial

  title={Lifelong learning through digital storytelling in corporate training Aprendizaje permanente basado en el uso de las historias digitales en la formaci{\'o}n empresarial},
  author={Josias Ricardo Hack and Fernando Maciel Ramos and Arnaldo Manuel and P. Gonzalez Santos},
In this paper we discuss collaborative learning strategies based on the use of digital stories in corporate training and lifelong learning. The text starts with a concise review on theoretical and technical foundations about the use of digital technologies in collaborative strategies in lifelong learning. We will also discuss if the corporate training may be improved by the use of individual audio-visual experience in learning process. Careful planning, scripting and production of audio-visual… 
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