Life-threatening effects of discontinuing inhaled nitric oxide in children.

  title={Life-threatening effects of discontinuing inhaled nitric oxide in children.},
  author={E. Cueto and Jes{\'u}s L{\'o}pez-Herce and Amelia Zetina Sanchez and Angel P Carrillo},
  journal={Acta paediatrica},
  volume={86 12},
We treated 40 children, aged between 15 d and 17 y, diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome and/or pulmonary hypertension, with inhaled nitric oxide. The most frequent underlying diagnosis associated with ARDS were bronchopneumonia (eight), cardiac surgery (five), and sepsis (three). Pulmonary hypertension was secondary to cardiomyopathy in 2 patients and occurred in the postoperative period of cardiac surgery in 17 patients--the most frequent were ventricular septal defect (5… CONTINUE READING