Life sciences: radiobiological advanced biostack experiment.

  title={Life sciences: radiobiological advanced biostack experiment.},
  author={H. Martin B{\"u}cker and Gerda Horneck and Rainer Facius and Guenther Reitz and Malinda Schaefer and Jane Schott and Rudolf Beaujean and W Enge and E. Schopper and H K Heinrich and J. H. de Beer and B Wiegel and R J Pfohl and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne François and G Portal and S. L. Bonting and E. H. Graul and Wolfgang R{\"u}ther and A. R. Kranz and Uta Bork and K Koller-Lampert and B. Persson H. R Kirchheim and M E Starke and Hubert Planel and Marcel Delpoux},
  volume={225 4658},
The radiobiological properties of the heavy ions of cosmic radiation were investigated on Spacelab 1 by use of biostacks, monolayers of biological test organisms sandwiched between thin foils of different types of nuclear track detectors. Biostacks were exposed to cosmic radiation at several locations with different shielding environments in the module and on the pallet. Evaluations of the physical and biological components of the experiment to date indicate that in general they survived the… CONTINUE READING

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