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Life put to work: Towards a life theory of value ∗

  title={Life put to work: Towards a life theory of value ∗},
  author={Cristina Morini and Andrea Fumagalli and Emanuele Leonardi},
Starting from the recognition that only a ‘labour theory of value’ is able to provide a measure of the value of the surplus, in this essay we’d like to pose the question of how the labour theory of value must dynamically adjust to the capitalist system and the succession of different modes of accumulation. Specifically, we focus on structural changes that have invested and partially modified the process of enhancing the transition from industrial-Fordist to ‘bio-capitalism’, at least in that… Expand
The limits of cognitive capitalism
Cognitive capitalism -or the “third capitalism” succeeding mercantilist capitalism and industrial capitalism- has been developed not long ago in the form of a Marxist research programme. This study,Expand
Marxian value theory and the 'crisis of measurability' : a case study of work in the creative industries in the UK and the Netherlands
This thesis critically analyses the conditions, social relations and practices that make measurement possible in the contemporary workplace. In so doing, it argues for the relevancy of Marx’s theoryExpand
Creative Industries , Value Theory
This article utilises the new reading of Marx found in the work of Michael Heinrich to analyse the creative industries. It considers the role played in the production of value by the labour thatExpand
Creative Industries, Value Theory and Michael Heinrich's New Reading of Marx
This article utilises the new reading of Marx found in the work of Michael Heinrich to analyse the creative industries. It considers the role played in the production of value by the labour thatExpand
Knowledge and contemporary capitalism in light of Marx's value theory
labour and value in cognitive capitalism theory In CCT, abstract labour is first and foremost a naturalistic category. According to Hardt and Negri (2004, p. 144), all the qualitatively differentExpand
Post-Fordist reconfigurations of gender, work and life: theory and practice.
It is argued that it is the process of boundary drawing that reveals gendered patterns and the personalized struggles of these relatively privileged middle-class workers centre on improving the quality of their lives, but raise important questions about the political possibilities within and beyond the world of post-Fordist labour. Expand
Acting up with Hardt and Negri: Capitalism in the biopolitical context
Since the early 2000s, we have been witnessing the interpolation of the notion of biopolitics into the domain of radical thought. In this endeavour, Hardt and Negri’s contribution lies in locatingExpand
Liberation of, through, or from work? Postcolonial Africa and the problem with “job creation” in the global crisis
The precarity of employment in an age of globally financialized capital cannot be reduced to the sociological problems of erosion of stable jobs with benefits and proliferation of insecureExpand
Work and Sensibilities: Commodification and Processes of Expropriation Around Digital Labour
The notion of digital labour has revitalized discussions around critical communication studies, but it has also been relevant to inquiries on the metamorphosis of labour relationships, and even inExpand
It is often argued that Marx's labour theory of value no longer applies in the contemporary world in which increasing proportions of the population are involved in "immaterial" or "digital" labour.Expand


the feminization of labour in cognitive capitalism
The article starts with a definition of the concept feminization of labour. It aims to signal how, at both the Italian and the global level, precarity, together with certain qualitativeExpand
Emotional labour: skill and work in the social regulation of feelings
I define emotional labour as the labour involved in dealing with other peoples' feelings, a core component of which is the regulation of emotions. The aims of the paper are firstly to suggest thatExpand
The Loyalty Effect
Thave been looking for this book for the last couple of decades, ever since I lbecame enamored of virtue ethics. Written by a CEO (with Thomas Teal) who believes that loyalty can be the new basis forExpand
Notes on some schizoid mechanisms.
  • M. Klein
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The International journal of psycho-analysis
  • 1946
It is suggested that in the first few months of life anxiety is predominantly experienced as fear of persecution and that this contributes to certain mechanisms and defenses which characterize the paranoid and schizoid positions. Expand
Elementi per una lettura marxiana dell'ipotesi del capitalismo cognitivo
La tendenza alla diffusione del sapere segna una rottura rispetto alla logica della divisione capitalistica del lavoro e del progresso tecnico in atto a partire dalla prima rivoluzione industriale?Expand
The female world
Sensitive to conflicts of class, race, & ethnicity as well as to the underlying bonds of gender, The Female World is an exuberant celebration of women's unique strengths and differences. IlluminatingExpand
Working with Emotional Intelligence
The secret of success is not what they taught you in school. What matters most is not IQ, not a business school degree, not even technical know-how or years of expertise. The single most importantExpand
Customer Lifetime Value Models for Decision Support
This work presents and discusses the important business problem of estimating the effect of marketing activities on the Lifetime Value of a customer in the Telecommunications industry, and presents a novel segment-based approach, motivated by the segment-level view marketing analysts usually employ. Expand
Splitting and projective identification
Grotstein explains the normal psychic capabilities of splitting and projective identification and goes on to show how they function in severe psychopathology. He explains Freud's and Klein's conceptsExpand
‘ L ’ abolizione della schiavitù e il general intellect ’ , Posse
  • 2009