Life of Guido Guidi (Vidus Vidius), who named the Vidian canal

  title={Life of Guido Guidi (Vidus Vidius), who named the Vidian canal},
  author={Ilhan Bahsi},
  journal={Child's Nervous System},
  • I. Bahsi
  • Published 31 July 2018
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  • Child's Nervous System
Guido Guidi (Latinized name Vidus Vidius) was an Italian anatomist and surgeon [1]. In the literature, much of the details regarding his life are lacking. He was born in Florence [2]. Different information is present about his date of birth in the literature: there are sources indicating that he was born in 1500 [3], 10 February 1508 [4], 1500/ 1509 [5], 1509 [2], and 10 February 1509 [1]. His mother (Costanza) was daughter of painter Domenico del Gh i r l a n d a j o who wo r k a s a n a pp r… 
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The anatomical and radiological evaluation of the Vidian canal on cone-beam computed tomography images
The anatomy of the Vidian nerve is explored to elucidate the appropriate surgical approach based on preoperative cone-beam computed tomography images to assist with proper treatment for surgical procedures with a high success rate and minimal complications.
Morphometric assessment of important landmarks on skull intended for Vidian nerve surgery
Knowledge of anatomical features of Vidian canal and preoperative imaging by CT (computed tomography) will be supportive when choosing and planning a safe surgical approach to Vidian nerve surgery.


Vidius Vidius (Guido Guidi): 1509-1569.
His anatomic treatise was printed under the title Vidi Vidii: Florentini de anatome corporis humani libri VII in a posthumous edition (1626).
The Vidian Artery, Nerve and Canal
Vidus Vidius
  • 2006