Life is 3D: Boosting Spheroid Function for Tissue Engineering.


Spheroids provide a 3D environment with intensive cell-cell contacts. As a result of their excellent regenerative properties and rapid progress in their high-throughput production, spheroids are increasingly suggested as building blocks for tissue engineering. In this review, we focus on innovative biotechnological approaches that increase the quality of spheroids for this specific type of application. These include in particular the fabrication of coculture spheroids, mimicking the complex morphology and physiological tasks of natural tissues. In vitro preconditioning under different culture conditions and incorporation of biomaterials improve the function of spheroids and their directed fusion into macrotissues of desired shapes. The continuous development of these sophisticated approaches may markedly contribute to a broad implementation of spheroid-based tissue engineering in future regenerative medicine.

DOI: 10.1016/j.tibtech.2016.08.004

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@article{Laschke2017LifeI3, title={Life is 3D: Boosting Spheroid Function for Tissue Engineering.}, author={Matthias W Laschke and Michael Dieter Menger}, journal={Trends in biotechnology}, year={2017}, volume={35 2}, pages={133-144} }