Life in the Cosmos

  title={Life in the Cosmos},
  author={Manasvi Lingam and Avi Loeb},
The Possible Role of Body Temperature in Modulating Brain and Body Sizes in Hominin Evolution
It is suggested that modest deviations in body temperature might allow for substantive changes in brain and body parameters and may prove amenable to an increased number of neurons, a higher brain-to-body mass ratio and fewer hours expended on feeding activities when the temperature is lowered.
A new and alternative look at nonlinear Alfvénic states
A new formalism for the nonlinear Alfvenic states sustainable in Hall Magnetohydrodynamics is developed in a complete basis provided by the circularly polarized Beltrami Vectors, the eigenstates of
The Deep Rocky Biosphere: New Geomicrobiological Insights and Prospects
This study aimed to gather information from scientific and/or technological innovations, such as omics-based and single-cell level characterizations, targeting deep rocky habitats of organisms with minimal dependence on photosynthesis, to explore the evo-phylogeny and ecophysiology of microbial life on Earth and the life's potential on other planetary bodies.