Life history variation among female surfperches (Perciformes: Embiotocidae)

  title={Life history variation among female surfperches (Perciformes: Embiotocidae)},
  author={Donald M. Baltz},
  journal={Environmental Biology of Fishes},
Life history variation within the family Embiotocidae is extensive and involves differences in age of first reproduction, fecundity schedules, growth rates, longevity and size of young. Based on maximum reported body lengths, there are three distinct size groups among the family's 23 species. Small species do not exceed 215 mm TL, medium-size species attain 275 to 335 mm TL, and the large species attain 380 to 470 mm TL. The longevity oh surfperches varies from two to ten years, growth is… CONTINUE READING
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