Life cycle of a data warehousing project in healthcare.


Hill Physicians Medical Group (and its medical management firm, PriMed Management) early on recognized the need for a data warehouse. Management demanded that data from many sources be integrated, cleansed, and formatted. As a first step, an operational data store (ODS) was built and populated with data from the main transactional system; encounter data were added. The ODS has served its purpose well and has whetted management's appetite for more information and faster, more reliable access, all in one location. PriMed hired Annams Systems Consulting (Annams) for this effort. A team was formed, made up of consultants from Annams and members of PriMed's information services (IS) team. The "classical" approach is being taken: enhancing the ODS, which is largely normalized in structure, and integrating data from various sources, along with enforcing business rules. The team is designing and implementing data marts and a "star schema" style of data modeling--a useful tool for management to evaluate results before investing further.

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