Life cycle inventory of HDPE bottle‐based liquid milk packaging systems

  title={Life cycle inventory of HDPE bottle‐based liquid milk packaging systems},
  author={Jay Jagjit Singh and Aric Krasowski and S. P. Singh},
  journal={Packaging Technology and Science},
This study aims at providing a relatively straightforward methodology to serve as a decision‐making tool when more than one packaging solution could be available to a user. It involves a life cycle inventory (LCI) analysis and comparison of three currently available 3.79 l (1 gallon) packaging systems for liquid milk. Two of the primary container types studied use reusable plastic crates (RPCs) for stacking and shipping, while the third type is a heavier duty container that does not require… 
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The Environmental Protection Agency
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management – life cycle assessment – principles and framework
  • ISO 14040,
  • 2006