Life cycle concept considered harmful

  title={Life cycle concept considered harmful},
  author={Daniel D. McCracken and Michael A. Jackson},
  journal={ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes},
  pages={29 - 32}
The authors were among the participants at an invi-tational conference held in September of 1980 at the Geor-gia State Umiversity to study the topic "Systems Analysis and Design: A Plan for the 80's."(3) We found the conference and workshop stimulating and useful, and we support many of its processes and conclusions. However, we came to the meeting unprepared for the stultifying effect of the organizers' decision to structure the group's work around the concept of a system development life… 

Exploration of the relationship between tacit knowledge and software system test complexity

This paper aims to provide a chronology of the events leading up to and including the publication of the first book in the series, entitled “The Making of a Novel”.

Customer communication in distributed agile software development

The focus of this thesis is to understand how customer communication can be improved in distributed agile software development.

A Proposal for a Life Cycle Model for Electronic Service Markets

A service-centric life cycle model is presented acting as a conceptual basis for (automated) service management at both, build and run time and used in a second step to define a comprehensive spiral model of service development and usage for electronic service markets.

Suitability of Software Engineering Models for the Production of Usable Software

This paper addresses the questions of where these integration points between SE and UE exist, what kind of fundamental UE activities have to be integrated in existing SE processes, and how this integration can be accomplished.

Alarma inteligente para prevenir el robo de bicicletas en la Ciudad de Oaxaca

The development of a smart alarm prototype that will help prevent bicycle theft in Oaxaca City, which is based on a programmable system is presented and society will be offered an option to protect its heritage.

Selecting the right method for the right project

It was found that the ISD method used in the projects did not correspond to the properties of the business environment in either case, and an ISD selection framework which takes the business development and business environment into account was developed.

In Search of Scientific Agile

  • R. WardCarl K. Chang
  • Education
    2019 IEEE 43rd Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC)
  • 2019
The intent is to help new researchers more easily make sense of the existing literature, so that they can focus their energy and resources on meaningful contributions to the field.

AIS Electronic Library (AISeL) A Contingency Theory Motivated Framework to Select Information System Development Methods

An ISD method selection framework based on the idea of matching the properties of ISD methods and the characteristics of the business contexts whereISD methods are used was crafted and discovered that the proposed framework was able to explain the findings of prior research.


En el departamento de educacion a distancia de ITESI surge la necesidad de desarrollar un sitio web de video streaming cuyo acceso no sea limitado por la tecnologia, por ello el sitio requiere ser

Asset Management decision support tools: A conceptual approach for managing their performance

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