Life-Integrity Violations and Democracy in the World, 1987

  title={Life-Integrity Violations and Democracy in the World, 1987},
  author={Helen Fein},
  journal={Human Rights Quarterly},
  pages={170 - 191}
  • H. Fein
  • Published 1 February 1995
  • Sociology
  • Human Rights Quarterly

Protest, Deterrence, and Escalation: The Strategic Calculus of Government Repression

The theoretical literature on government repression has mostly taken a choice theoretic perspective, wherein either the protest group optimally chooses a protest tactic in response to government

Democracy and the Violation of Human Rights: A Statistical Analysis from 1976 to 1996

Most studies posit and identify a linear and negative relationship between democracy and the violation of human rights. Some research challenges this finding, however, suggesting that nonlinear

The Decision to Repress: An Integrative Theoretical Approach to the Research on Human Rights and Repression

  • S. Poe
  • Sociology
    Understanding Human Rights Violations
  • 2019
Scholars have recently given considerable attention to finding why repression and human rights abuses occur. Drawing hypotheses from a wide variety of theories, they have succeeded in achieving an

Elections and Political Instability: Ballots to Bullets, Voting to Violence?

Serious instability and deadly political violence have surrounded several recent elections and gained global media coverage. Do elections in general make such incidents more likely? Are elections

The Politics of Police Violence in Democratic Brazil

Abstract More than a decade after Latin America's most recent turn to democracy, unchecked police violence and torture continue and in some cases have increased. This study examines police killings

Human Rights During Transition: Accountability Mechanisms in Mexican States 1997–2008

This paper assesses the impact of political and fiscal accountability mechanisms on the severity and scope of human rights violations in Mexico's states during its democratic transition. First, we

The effects of economic development on democratic institutions and repression in non-democratic regimes: theory and evidence

This paper provides a theoretical rationale for the simultaneous use of repression and democratic institutions by a non-democratic government, as is often observed in reality. We find that economic

Costly Concessions, Internally Divided Movements, and Strategic Repression: A Movement-Level Analysis

Is government repression of self-determination (SD) movements affected by the internal structure of the movements? This article investigates the relation between internal fragmentation of SD



Income Inequality, Regime Repressiveness, and Political Violence

Death rate from political violence is postulated to vary cross-nationally as a positively accelerated time-lagged function of income inequality and as a nonmonotonic inverted "U" function of regime

Democracy, Economic Development, and Income Inequality

Most cross-national tests of inverse association between democracy and inequality have operationalized the concept of democracy by measuring its level at a single point in time. More compelling

State Organized Terror: The Case of Violent Internal Repression

The systematic use of terror by governments against their own citizens is treated in this volume as a phenomenon manifesting itself in both right and left wing regimes and in widely varying social

Human Rights and Development: International Views

This collection of papers presents an argument in support of action for human rights in the Third World, emphasizing not economic or historical determinism but rather the importance of political

Minorities Rights at Risk: A Global Survey

As many as 5,000 distinct communities in the contemporary world might claim that they are national peoples on grounds that they share common ancestry, institutions, beliefs, language, and territory,

Income Inequality and Economic Development

Although good theoretical reasons exist for expecting development to be inegalitarian in its early phase, a reverse-U pattern of change in measured inequality might just as easily derive from a

Government Violence and Repression: An Agenda for Research

A form of terrorism that is receiving increased attention is human rights abuses on the part of individual states. This study, written by specialists from several countries, attempts to define the