Life-History of the White Mealy - Bug Ferrisia virgata (CKLL.)

  title={Life-History of the White Mealy - Bug Ferrisia virgata (CKLL.)},
  author={Kiefah Awadallah and El Desouky Ammar and M. S. F. Tawfik and Amira Rashad},
Five generations of Ferrisiu virguru (CKLL.) have been reared per year; singly on sprouting potato tubers, although the fifth generation was not completed because of cold weather. This method produces onlyparthenogenic females, while males and females may be produced by dense rearing. Copulation was never observed, while oviposition behaviour and hatching process were described. Eggs are deposited singly and the incubation period averages 2.11 -2.62 hr. with no significant difference under… CONTINUE READING