Life Gain in Italian Smokers Who Quit

  title={Life Gain in Italian Smokers Who Quit},
  author={Laura Carrozzi and Franco Falcone and Giulia Carreras and Francesco Pistelli and Giuseppe Gorini and Andrea Martini and Giovanni Viegi},
  booktitle={International journal of environmental research and public health},
This study aims to estimate the number of life years gained with quitting smoking in Italian smokers of both sexes, by number of cigarettes smoked per day (cig/day) and age at cessation. All-cause mortality tables by age, sex and smoking status were computed, based on Italian smoking data, and the survival curves of former and current smokers were compared. The more cig/day a man/woman smokes, and the younger his/her age of quitting smoking, the more years of life he/she gains with cessation… CONTINUE READING