Life, Sex, and WT1 Isoforms— Three Amino Acids Can Make All the Difference

  title={Life, Sex, and WT1 Isoforms— Three Amino Acids Can Make All the Difference},
  author={Nicholas D Hastie},
kidneys and gonads. The metanephric or permanent Perhaps the biggest surprise to come from the human kidney develops through the interaction of two tissues, genome sequence is the low gene number estimate the mesonephric duct and metanephric mesenchyme, relative to expectation (International Human Genome both derivatives of the intermediate mesoderm. InducSequencing Consortium, 2001; Venter et al., 2001). This tion of the metanephros in the mouse starts at around has now turned the spotlight on… CONTINUE READING


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cently it has become apparent that WTAP is the mamma

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Although there is no direct

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gene was picked up in a screen for loci that affect the

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also the partial colocalization of WTAP with nuclear

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