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Lie theory and cohomology of relative Rota-Baxter operators

  title={Lie theory and cohomology of relative Rota-Baxter operators},
  author={Jun Jiang and Yunhe Sheng and Chenchang Zhu},
A bstract . In this paper, we establish a local Lie theory for relative Rota-Baxter operators of weight 1. First we recall the category of relative Rota-Baxter operators of weight 1 on Lie algebras and construct a cohomology theory for them. We use the second cohomology group to study infinitesimal deformations of relative Rota-Baxter operators and modified r -matrices. Then we introduce a cohomology theory of relative Rota-Baxter operators on a Lie group. We construct the di ff erentiation… 
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