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Lie algebras graded by the root systems BCr, r ≧ 2

  title={Lie algebras graded by the root systems BCr, r ≧ 2},
  author={Bruce N. Allison and Georgia Benkart and Yung Gao},
Introduction The $\mathfrak{g}$-module decomposition of a $\mathrm{BC}_r$-graded Lie algebra, $r\ge 3$ (excluding type $\mathrm{D}_3)$ Models for $\mathrm{BC}_r$-graded Lie algebras, $r\ge 3$ (excluding type $\mathrm{D}_3)$ The $\mathfrak{g}$-module decomposition of a $\mathrm{BC}_r$-graded Lie algebra with grading subalgebra of type $\mathrm{B}_2$, $\mathrm{C}_2$, $\mathrm{D}_2$, or $\mathrm{D}_3$ Central extensions, derivations and invariant forms Models of $\mathrm{BC}_r$-graded Lie algebras… 
$(\Theta_n,sl_n)$-graded Lie algebras $(n=3,4)$
Let $\mathbb{F}$ be a field of characteristic zero and let $\mathfrak{g}$ be a non-zero finite-dimensional split semisimple Lie algebra with root system $\Delta$. Let $\Gamma$ be a finite set of
Lie algebras with prescribed $sl_n$ decomposition
We study Lie algebras $L$ containing a simple subalgebra $g$ isomorphic to $sl_{n}$ such that the $g$-module $L$ decomposes into copies of the adjoint module, the trivial module, the natural module
Classification of Quantum Tori with Involution
  • Y. Yoshii
  • Mathematics
    Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
  • 2002
Abstract Quantum tori with graded involution appear as coordinate algebras of extended affine Lie algebras of type ${{\text{A}}_{1}}$ , $\text{C}$ and $\text{BC}$ . We classify them in the category
Unitary Lie Algebras and Lie Tori of Type BC_r, r \geq 3
A Lie G-torus of type X_r is a Lie algebra with two gradings -- one by an abelian group G and the other by the root lattice of a finite irreducible root system of type X_r. In this paper we construct
Weyl Images of Kantor Pairs
Abstract Kantor pairs arise naturally in the study of 5-graded Lie algebras. In this article, we introduce and study Kantor pairs with short Peirce gradings and relate themto Lie algebras graded by
Fixed point subalgebras of root graded Lie algebras
We study the subalgebra of fixed points of a root graded Lie alg ebra under a certain class of finite order automorphisms. As the centerl ess core of extended affine Lie algebras or equivalently
Extended affine Lie algebras
In this announcement we describe the structure of an extended affine Lie algebra in terms of its centreless core. 0. Introduction. Extended affine Lie algebras are a class of complex Lie algebras
We investigate a class of Lie algebras called quasi-simple Lie algebras. These are generalizations of semi-simple, reductive, and affine Kac-Moody Lie algebras. A quasi-simple Lie algebra which has