Lie-algebraic discretization of differential equations

  title={Lie-algebraic discretization of differential equations},
  author={Yu. F. Smirnov and Alexander V. Turbiner},
  journal={Modern Physics Letters A},
A certain representation for the Heisenberg algebra in finite difference operators is established. The Lie algebraic procedure of discretization of differential equations with isospectral property is proposed. Using sl2-algebra based approach, (quasi)-exactly-solvable finite difference equations are described. It is shown that the operators having the Hahn, Charlier and Meissner polynomials as the eigenfunctions are reproduced in the present approach as some particular cases. A discrete version… Expand
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Linear operators with invariant polynomial space and graded algebra
The irreducible, finite-dimensional representations of the graded algebras osp(j,2) (j=1,2,3) are expressed in terms of differential operators. Some quantum deformations of these algebras are shownExpand
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Heisenberg algebra, umbral calculus and orthogonal polynomials
Umbral calculus can be viewed as an abstract theory of the Heisenberg commutation relation [P,M]=1. In ordinary quantum mechanics, P is the derivative and M the coordinate operator. Here, we shallExpand
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Quasi-exactly-solvable problems andsl(2) algebra
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The basic properties of the polynomials p n (x) that satisfy the orthogonality relations $$ \int_a^b {{p_n}(x)} {p_m}(x)\rho (x)dx = 0\quad (m \ne n) $$ (2.0.1) hold also for the polynomialsExpand
Turbiner “ Quasiexactlysolvable problems and sl ( 2 , R ) algebra ”
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