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Lie Theory for Asymptotic Symmetries in General Relativity: The BMS Group

  title={Lie Theory for Asymptotic Symmetries in General Relativity: The BMS Group},
  author={David Prinz and Alexander Schmeding},
We study the Lie group structure of asymptotic symmetry groups in General Relativity from the viewpoint of infinite-dimensional geometry. To this end, we review the geometric definition of asymptotic simplicity and emptiness due to Penrose and the coordinate-wise definition of asymptotic flatness due to Bondi et al. Then we construct the Lie group structure of the BMS group and discuss its Lie theoretic properties. We find that the BMS group is regular in the sense of Milnor, but not real… Expand


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Real and complex asymptotic symmetries in quantum gravity, irreducible representations, polygons, polyhedra, and the A, D, E series
  • P. McCarthy, F. Smith
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A: Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 1992
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