LidarBoost: Depth superresolution for ToF 3D shape scanning

  title={LidarBoost: Depth superresolution for ToF 3D shape scanning},
  author={Sebastian Schuon and Christian Theobalt and James E. Davis and Sebastian Thrun},
  journal={2009 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition},
Depth maps captured with time-of-flight cameras have very low data quality: the image resolution is rather limited and the level of random noise contained in the depth maps is very high. Therefore, such flash lidars cannot be used out of the box for high-quality 3D object scanning. To solve this problem, we present LidarBoost, a 3D depth superresolution method that combines several low resolution noisy depth images of a static scene from slightly displaced viewpoints, and merges them into a… CONTINUE READING
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