Lichen sclerosus and the Köbner phenomenon

  title={Lichen sclerosus and the K{\"o}bner phenomenon},
  author={Pamela M Todd and S M Halpern and JOHN D. Kirby and Andrew Charles Pembroke},
  journal={Clinical and Experimental Dermatology},
Two patients with lichen sclerosus (et atrophicus) are described in whom there was conspicuous localization of lesions to sites subjected to friction from tight clothing. This was highly suggestive of the Köbner phenomenon. Both patients experienced symptomatic improvement following avoidance of pressure on the skin from tight clothing. 

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Annular lichen sclerosus et atrophicus.
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Köbnerization in a woman with generalized lichen sclerosus
A 52‐year‐old woman presented with an 18‐month history of genital and extragenital lichen sclerosus and it is proposed that the ambulatory venous pressure within the vein acted as a stimulus for the Köbner response.
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The case of a male who has presented this condition in the genital area for a long time, and who develops lichen sclerosus in areas consistent with previous sunburn is presented, a true Koebner phenomenon.
Lichen sclerosus
The condition tends to be remitting and relapsing, with spontaneous regressions reported in a few, and the need for long-term monitoring cannot be over-emphasized.
Vulvovaginal Pellagra and Lichen Sclerosus Complicating Carcinoid Syndrome
Patients with carcinoid tumor presenting chronic vulvar lesions should be evaluated for pellagra, as subsequent development of lichen sclerosus at the site of vulvar dermatosis may be a feature of the "Koebner phenomenon".
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  • Medicine
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A clinical diagnosis of peristomal lichen sclerosus with vulval involvement with autoimmune involvement was made, and confirmed on biopsy of the vulva which showed a focal chronic inflammatory infiltrate with homogenization of the dermal collagen.


An unusual variant of lichen sclerosus et atrophicus: delayed appearance in a surgical scar.
An unusual case of lichen sclerosus et atrophicus is described in which lesions appeared in a cholecystectomy scar sixteen years after the original surgery.
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Several years after postmastectomy radiation therapy, lichen sclerosus et atrophicus (LSA) developed in two patients within the radiation fields, suggesting LSA might be an isomorphic response to the trauma of radiation therapy.
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The skin in the areas where the retraction was the most pronounced, e.g. near the clitoris and near the genitalia, showed signs of wear and tear, similar to that seen in other gynaecological disorders.
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The two cases and the one described by Ward and Jones' show that significant percutaneous salicylate absorption can occur not only in newborn infants but also in older children, especially when saliylate preparations of increasing strength are used.
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