Lichen planus pemphigoides induced by a weight reduction drug.

  title={Lichen planus pemphigoides induced by a weight reduction drug.},
  author={Arist{\'o}teles David Neiva Rosmaninho and Madalena Sanches and Ana Luiza de Aquino Oliveira and Ros{\'a}rio Alves and Manuela Selores},
  journal={Cutaneous and ocular toxicology},
  volume={30 4},
Lichen planus pemphigoides is a rare autoimmune dermatosis characterized by bullous lesions arising on lichen planus (LP) papules and on clinically uninvolved skin, coexistence of histological features of LP and bullous pemphigoid and linear deposits of IgG and/or C3 along the basal membrane zone on direct immunofluorescence of peribullous skin. LPP has been reported to be associated with several medications such as ramipril, cinnarizine, simvastatin, captopril, psoralen ultraviolet A therapy… CONTINUE READING
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