Lichen metabolism identified in Early Devonian terrestrial organisms

  title={Lichen metabolism identified in Early Devonian terrestrial organisms},
  author={A. Jahren and Steven Porter and Jeffrey J. Kuglitsch},
  • A. Jahren, Steven Porter, Jeffrey J. Kuglitsch
  • Published 2003
  • Biology
  • Geology
  • We used δ 1 3 C values to identify lichen metabolism in the globally distributed Early Devonian (409-386 Ma) macrofossil Spongiophyton minutissimum, which had been alternatively interpreted as a green plant of bryophyte grade or as a lichen, based on its morphology. Extant mosses and hornworts exhibited a range of δ 1 3 C t i s s u e values that was discrete from that of extant lichens. The δ 1 3 C t i s s u e values of 96 S. minutissimum specimens coincided with δ 1 3 C t i s s u e values of… CONTINUE READING
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