Licensed to Stereotype: Geopolitics, James Bond and the Spectre of Balkanism

  title={Licensed to Stereotype: Geopolitics, James Bond and the Spectre of Balkanism},
  author={Klaus Dodds},
  pages={125 - 156}
  • K. Dodds
  • Published 1 June 2003
  • Sociology
  • Geopolitics
This article explores the geopolitical and post-imperial significance of Ian Fleming's famous spy, Commander James Bond RN/007. By drawing on two films, From Russia with Love (1963) and The World is Not Enough (1999), it is argued that these productions not only contest Britain's post-1945 decline in international influence but also actively subvert the binary politics of the Cold War and its aftermath. The actual location of the filming (in Turkey and Central Asia) is also significant in this… 
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The Manipulation of British Public Opinion 1880–1960 (Manchester: Manchester University Press 1984) and J
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