Libyan Journal of Medicine: Achievements and Challenges

  • Sa Beshyah
  • Published 2008 in The Libyan journal of medicine


To The Editor: I read with interest the letter from the editor posted on July 8th, 2008. In the first instance, I would like to congratulate the workers in the journal and particularly the core team who thought of the idea and gathered around them all this large team of workers and supporter. I would also wish to express the appreciation of those who chose to publish in a newly established journal though it may always be tempting to send their work to "MedLine-indexed" journal. The quality of work published, the timeliness, consistency and the high quality website are all commendable. I personally think you have succeeded in achieving the aims you described in your second paragraph. I am indeed happier that you chose to adopt the constructive and supporting views and the result is exactly what you wanted "an international journal with Libyan roots". Although, "maintaining the quality focused attitude resulted in more high quality manuscripts being submitted" and the several indexing services that adopted the journal, the time has come to communicate with the appropriate authorities in the US National Library of Medicine to consider the journal for indexing in MedLine. I think this would be landmark event that will put the journal on the real map of international medical publications. I strongly recommend that efforts are focused on this very important issue at this stage.

DOI: 10.4176/080714

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