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Libros y revistas - Gil Loescher, The UNHCR and World Politics – A Perilous Path

  title={Libros y revistas - Gil Loescher, The UNHCR and World Politics – A Perilous Path},
  author={Hans Peter Gasser},
  journal={Revista Internacional De La Cruz Roja},
  • H. Gasser
  • Published 30 September 2001
  • Political Science
  • Revista Internacional De La Cruz Roja

Seeking asylum: trends and policies in the OECD

The Myth of the Borderless World: Refugees and Repatriation Policy

This essay explores the impact of the end of the Cold War on the counter-refugee-crisis policies of the United Nations and its strongest member states. I argue that during the Cold War, state

Asylum Migration to the Developed World: Persecution, Incentives, and Policy

The European migration crisis of 2015-2016 and the migrants from Central America gathering on the US border since 2017 have created headlines and presented challenges for Western governments. In this

World Organization in Migration Politics: The International Organization for Migration

In 2016, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) joined the UN as a related organization. IOM remains relatively understudied despite the fact that it had been founded and existing since

Migration Violence in the Great Lakes Region of Africa: Negotiating the Return of Refugees

The zeal for humanity to have an identity and belonging to a civilized community is increasing globally. However, this has brought challenges to human cohabitation as witnessed from the xenophobic

What’s in a Category? The Politics of Not Being a Refugee

How are refugees perceived and governed in contemporary politics? What sort of sovereign responses has been advanced to govern and discipline the movement of people in a globalizing world? The

Climate justice without freedom

Storm surges, flooding, heatwaves, and prolonged drought, as ever more regular features of life under deteriorating climate conditions, are unmistakably violent. Their effects on the lives of

Do Human Rights Transcend Citizenship? Lessons from the Buduburam Refugee Camp

This article describes the practices of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) relating to the protection of refugees’ rights to physical security and access to justice as observed

Political Survival as a Motive in Decision-Making: The UNHCR and the Rwandan Refugee Crisis

Often the UNHCR's decisions contradict the mandate that it was created to uphold and fulfill. This thesis seeks to understand the reason the UNHCR makes these decisions. It examines various decisions

Beyond the knowledge-action gap: Challenges of implementing humanitarian policies in Ghana and Uganda

The article deals with challenges of implementing humanitarian policies in Ghana and Uganda by unravelling the roles of various actors and their narratives. In Northern Uganda the discrepancy between