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Library Interface Versioning in Solaris and Linux

  title={Library Interface Versioning in Solaris and Linux},
  author={David J. Brown and Karl J. Runge},
  booktitle={Annual Linux Showcase \& Conference},
Shared libraries in Solaris and Linux use a versioning technique which allows the link editor to record an application's dependency on a particular release level of the library. The versioning mechanism operates at the level of the library's GLOBAL symbol names--a finer granularity than simply associating a version number with the library itself. In Solaris, this mechanism has also been used to provide a means for the system-supplied shared libraries to define their application interface: to… 

Evolution in Extensible Component-based Systems

This report presents features and failures of current component systems, and hints how the next generation of environments might alleviate existing problems and ease development and maintenance of complex component-based software.

Component evolution and versioning state of the art

The state of the art in component versioning is presented and the different methods in component models, frameworks and programming languages are compared and a possible solution of these problems is sketches.

Versatile File System Tracing with Tracefs

Tracefs is developed, a thin stackable file system for capturing file system traces in a portable manner that can capture uniform traces for any file system, without modifying the file systems being traced.

Automatically mining program build information via signature matching

A tool to automatically extract program build information using signature-based detection, a common strategy employed by anti-virus software to search for known patterns of data within the program binaries.

Ontology versioning on the Semantic Web

Inspired by the work done in database schema versioning and program interface versioning, this paper will propose building blocks for the most important aspects of a versioning mechanism, i.e., ontology identification and change specification.

Ontology Versioning and Change Detection on the Web

The topic of ontology versioning in the context of the Web is analyzed by looking at the characteristics of the version relation between ontologies and at the identification of online ontologies, and the design of a web-based system is described.

Specification-Based Component Substitutability and Revision Identification

Subtyping rules for SOFA CDL Subtyping Rules are described in Appendix B.

VmiCVS : Cloud Vulnerability Scanner

A novel Cloud Vulnerability Scanner, VmiCVS (Virtual Machine Introspection based Cloud V vulnerability Scanner) is proposed, which provides security assessment of vulnerabilities even if the software is hidden from remote user and without disturbing application ecosystem.



Shared Libraries in SunOS

The design and implementation of a shared libraries facility for Sun’s implementation of the UNIX† operating system (SunOS) is described and details of the use and operation of the mechanism are provided, together with the policies by which they are applied to create a system with shared libraries.

Linux Application Development

Building on their widely praised first edition, leading Linux programmers Michael Johnson and Erik Troan systematically present the key APIs and techniques you need to create robust, secure, efficient software or to port existing code to Linux.

System V Application Binary Interface

From UNIX Labs--a comprehensive manual covering software installation, low-level system information, program loading, dynamic linking, libraries, formats, protocols, and system commands that comprise

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Solaris appcert tool

  • Solaris appcert tool

File:ld.info, Node:VERSION, GNU glibc version 2

  • File:ld.info, Node:VERSION, GNU glibc version 2

GNU_ld] Info pages for the GNU linker (ld

  • GNU_ld] Info pages for the GNU linker (ld

Solaris Linker and Libraries Manual

  • Solaris Linker and Libraries Manual

Dynix library versioning practices

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