Library Handwriting: Legibility, Clarity, Speed, Uniformity, Compactness

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Peter Devereaux and Carla Diane Hayden. The Card Catalog: Books, Cards, and Literary Treasures .
In an early archives job, I typed the name and subject entries at the top of card sets we received from the Library of Congress. It was exacting work and I really enjoyed it, including the filing. At
A Library Primer
Library Notes : improved methods and labor-savers for librarians, readers and writers
Book-worms, moths, etc. are exterminated rapidly and effectually by mixing equal parts of powderd camfor and snuff, and sprinkling the shelves with the mixture every six or eight months.
Melvil Dewey: The Professional Educator and His Heirs.
1two years. He also nearly singlehandedly wrote and published a journal, Library Notes, that served as a serial textbook for the school.’And, between late 1888 and early 1889 when Columbia College
Thomas Alva Edison
AbstractIN this life of Thomas Alva Edison, the author has given a very interesting description of the childhood, youth, and manhood of America's —one might almost say, the world's —greatest living