Liberia's Open-Door Policy

  title={Liberia's Open-Door Policy},
  author={Lawrence A. Marinelli},
  journal={The Journal of Modern African Studies},
  pages={91 - 98}
Although Liberia is the oldest African republic, its economy is still young and growing. The road of independence has been uphill, lonely, and difficult. During Liberia's early decades of independence, the British and French were antagonistic towards what they considered a threat to their colonial ambitions as well as a refutation of the assumption that the black African was incapable of self-government. Across the Atlantic, Liberia's unofficial mother country, the United States, was still in… 

Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and the Drive for Social Justice: A Historical Analysis of Identity Based Conflicts in the First Republic of Liberia

Liberia was an American settler based colony of freed African Americans who were commissioned with the task of establishing a Western form of governance on the African continent. The result of this

Selling Liberia: Moss H. Kendrix, the Liberian Centennial Commission, and the Post-World War II Trade in Black Progress

This article examines the activities of Moss H. Kendrix, a budding black entrepreneur and Public Relations Officer for the Centennial Commission of the Republic of Liberia, during the years

Colonialism or supersanctions: sovereignty and debt in West Africa, 1871-1914

West Africa has been neglected in literature on sovereign debt before 1914. However, it presented arguably the biggest test of investors’ willingness to overlook poor economic fundamentals due to

The Ecole de Dakar: Pan-Africanism in Paint and Textile

Alors que les historiens de l'art africain s'interessent de plus en plus a l'art africain contemporain, il est fondamental de reexaminer les contributions pionieres d'artistes, de patrons et

Entre souveraineté copartagée et coopération conditionnelle : le GEMAP au Liberia

Cet article souhaite examiner la reconstruction de l'Etat du Liberia par les acteurs externes et propose d'analyser en particulier le Programme d'assistance a la gouvernance et a la gestion de