Liberation of Neutrons from Beryllium by X-Rays: Radioactivity Induced by Means of Electron Tubes

  title={Liberation of Neutrons from Beryllium by X-Rays: Radioactivity Induced by Means of Electron Tubes},
  author={Arno Brasch and F. Lange and Amira Waly and Thurston E. Banks and T. A. Chalmers and Leo Szilard and F. Ll. Hopwood},
IT has been recently reported1 that neutrons are liberated from beryllium by γ-rays of radium and that these are able to induce radioactivity in iodine. Following up this work, we have attempted to liberate neutrons from beryllium by means of hard X-rays, produced by high-voltage electron tubes. An electron tube, which could conveniently be operated by a high-voltage impulse generator at several million volts2, is at present in use in the High Tension Laboratory of the A.E.G. in Berlin, and has… 
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  • S. Dushman
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    Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers
  • 1936
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